Bamboo Lampshade

Decorative Lamps & Lampshades

SKU: NHN001-100

350,000 VND

Behind the product

Craftsmen have combined their tranditional, skillful techniques with modern designs to create beautiful Bamboo Lampshade. The ideal of making this little product is to bring an antique look to the light source and creating a sense of relaxation for your house.


A feather duster or a clean, dry natural bristle paintbrush is the best way to remove dust from a bamboo lampshade. For deep cleaning, dampen a white 100% cotton cloth (cotton baby diapers work well), very slightly with clean cold water and blot gently; then let basket air dry completely. Soaking a basket in water or giving it a thorough “shower” can result in swelling of the fibers, and can contribute to color

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