Lively Origami by Artist Nguyen Hung Cuong

Design Inspiration 2017-06-04 11:26:42

The first impression you may have of this slender, quiet and modest twenty something man is that he looks more like a science lab nerd than an artist. However, with more than 15 years folding paper, Nguyen Hung Cuong has the dexterity of a craftsman, the creativity of an artist and the passion of an origami enthusiast running through his vain. From the elegant curviness of a blooming orchid to the rugged sternity of a King Kong, plan paper is transformed into lively 3D objects. His works have been featured on Huffington Post and This Is Colossal.

Hanoi Design Centre has the honor to invite Cuong and his origami club to host a craft-demonstration event with us in October. Please check back for more details and contact us at if you have any further inquiries.