We always respect principles of fair trade in all our activities. Fair trade provides under- and unemployed artisans with an opportunity to earn vital income and improve their quality of life by establishing a sustainable market for their handcrafted products. We also cultivate long-term relationships in which artisans receive a fair price for their work. The artisans receive up to 50 percent in cash advances when an order is placed, and payment in full when an order is shipped. With our strength in design, we offer artisans a spectrum of design assistance that varies with the unique challenges of each group. Our in-house designers help artisans adapt traditional artistic skills to create a product that appeals to international consumers. We encourage our staff and artisans to employ sustainable practices and to use recycled and natural materials when possible. From our centre headquarters to our artisan workshops around the country, we strive to minimize our carbon footprint while maximizing our impact on disadvantaged artisans. Our store concept takes a conscious approach toward minimizing environmental impact in order to meet the “triple bottom line” of economic, environmental and social sustainability.