The Development of Design Capacity by the Centre is aimed at developing the competitive skills of company designers. The Centre will develop their professional skills, upgrade their design knowledge, improve their design management and product development expertise as well as their business and market-related abilities through formal and practical training including demonstration of production technologies

Courses and Seminars on product design and development, on packaging design and development, on graphic design, on product value chains and product-related contributions to value adding, on merchandising, on applicable technical processes, etc will be conducted. The core issues of design sustainability, fair and ethical trade, labour standards, corporate and social responsibility, environmental protection, the use of green technologies, women empowerment will be fully integrated into the workshops.

Major training courses and seminars at the Hanoi Design Centre


Styling: Guidance on styling to have impressive photo for company’s marketing and branding document
Photography: Guidance on the use of camera, studio equipment and lighting, image processing
Identity design: Logo / Stationery (Letterhead, business card, envelopes…) / Marketing Collateral: Flyers, brochures, websites… / Product packaging / Apparel (worn by employees)/ Signage (Interior & exterior) / Tradeshow booths and displays/ Messages & Actions / Broadcast Advertising… and anything visual that represents the business.
Brochure & catalogue design: Guidance on layout, principle of layout, image text and basic edition principles, print materials…
Producing a video & movie trailer: Guidance on principles and softwares to produce a video & movie trailer for company’s marketing purpose


Design and market trend study: Guidance on the way that a designer can analyze and understand the trend in a specific country
Shapes, forms and patterns: Guidance on analyzing and developing authentic and contemporary shapes and patterns for a specific country
Materials: Guidance on local, regional and other new materials in the world that can be used for new product development
Colour & Finishes: Guidance on different colour and finishes, e.g. restro, antique…and its required materials / accessories
Prototyping: Visual models, mock-ups, ergonomic rigs, rapid prototyping…


Sustainable packaging: Guidance on the way to reduce materials and maximize packaging for both environmental and financial purposes, e.g. design for transport; design for environmental best practices; design for reuse; design for recycling…
Packaging regulations: Providing information on different forms of legislation and voluntary codes on packaging industry, for instance Packaging waste directive in EU


Visual merchandising: Guidance on principles of visual merchandising, visual merchandising techniques. Exercises on merchandising company showroom and company booth at the trade shows.