Upon recognizing the global corporate trend in gaining a competitive edge through design, we are dedicated to developing and improving design capacity for designers of companies operating in the handicraft sector in Vietnam. The Centre will develop their professional skills, upgrade their design knowledge, improve their design management and product development expertise as well as their business and market-related abilities through formal and practical training including demonstration of production technologies Courses and Seminars on product design and development, on packaging design and development, on graphic design, on product value chains and product-related contributions to value adding, on merchandising, on applicable technical processes, etc will be conducted. The core issues of design sustainability, fair and ethical trade, labour standards, corporate and social responsibility, environmental protection, the use of green technologies, women empowerment will be fully integrated into the workshops. Product Design: Design of new products/collections, adaptation of existing products to market requirements, diversification or expansion of existing product lines on the basis of market needs and available technology Package Design: New design or redesign of product packages, on the basis of target market requirements Brand development: The Centre will apply its experience and understanding of products, design and users to develop a process to enable product-led companies to define and build their brand. Production of prototypes and samples: Prototypes and samples will be developed to support the larger production of companies. Marketing: The Centre will support handicraft companies to understand the market trends, key buyers… and support companies to market effectively its products to buyers